How to Know if You Want a Scalable Business

Do you really WANT to scale your business?

If you said yes… can I ask you why??

Maybe it feels like the natural next step because you’ve hit your first $100k and are making your way to $200k.

Or maybe scaling is the focus of the coaching program you’ve graduated into.

Or maybe it’s what your competitors are posting about in their BTS content so you’re getting on the scaling train too.

I’ve connected with 7+ business owners in the last few weeks that wanted my help to scale their business, and during the course of our conversation, they all told me they’ve been focused on implementing scaling strategies like building systems and teams…

…But they were frustrated by the work and lack of results because those business owners didn’t actually want to scale and that’s why the strategies and the scaling foundation were frustrating and frankly a waste of time for them.

And for you too, if scaling your business isn’t your ultimate goal. So how do you know if you really want a scalable business?

First things first, let’s be clear about what it means to scale.

In the online space, “grow” and “scaling” are used pretty interchangeably, but they are a little different.

If we’re talking about growth, we’re talking about MORE. Making more sales, more money, and more clients is the immediate goal.

But when we’re talking about scaling, we’re talking about EFFICIENCY.

Scaling is about getting more efficient and doing what you’re doing right now (and more), with less.

Less time…a.k.a. do the work smoother and faster.

Less money… a.k.a. do the work with less expense.

Less resources…a.k.a. do the work with fewer tools and people.

Or some combination of the 3.

With a number of the business owners I chatted with, a lot of their scaling frustrations came down to the fact that they didn’t want more efficiency in their business, they wanted to bring in more money right now.

So there was a mismatch between the strategies they were using and the results they were seeing from the start.

Because the strategies that you use to bring in more clients are very different from the strategies you need to implement to get more efficient.

For example, if your goal is to bring in 5 new clients in the next 90 days, implementing scaling strategies like building out your systems and evaluating your team structure would definitely feel frustrating… and you definitely wouldn’t get clients from that work (not immediately anyway).

And no matter how much help, advice, and support you have on your side, working on scaling strategies WOULD be a waste of your time.

You would be better off focusing on growth strategies like launching, running ads, leveraging partnerships and affiliates, and going all-in on your marketing and THAT is where you would see new clients.

BUT if your goal for the next 90 days is to build more ease into your business so your next launch runs more smoothly, then scaling strategies to focus on your team and launch processes so you can have more freedom and flexibility during your launch would give you the best results.

You could outline the process, hire and train a new VA or 2, and your next launch will run more smoothly and be less overwhelming for you.

It all comes down to what you really want for your business.

And what if you want both – Growth and Ease? Chances are you want one more than the other and you know which one you want.

If your immediate goals are adding clients or sales ASAP, chances are growth is where you should focus.

But if your immediate goals are ease, confidence, and security in your business, then scaling is the name of the game.

Just because you’ve made 6-figures, doesn’t mean you need or even want to scale.

It’s your business and your immediate desire can be growth for as long as you want.

I see too many business owners are pushed into scaling when that’s not what they really want.

Because it seems like a natural progression.

Because it’s what their competitors and peers are doing.

Because it’s what their coach is telling them to do.

But at the end of the day, scaling has to be something you want for your business.

Because it does take work.

Because the strategies you implement won’t produce the outwards results until 1, 2, or 3+ months down the road.

So what is your goal and do you really want a scalable business?

If so, find out more and how to work with me here.

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