How To Have a Great Experience With a VIP Day Service Provider

So you left a VIP Day or wrapped up work with a Done-For-You service provider and you feel like you didn’t get the answers you were looking for… Or maybe the work you did only brought up more questions and concerns about your business and you feel like maybe your service provider didn’t do a great job…

I’ve been here before and as someone who has purchased a number of VIP days and also delivers VIP days, I’ve seen both sides of the coin. From my experience, yes, sometimes the leadership is lacking on the service provider side, but sometimes it has more to do with your own preparation and expectations rather than the service provider.

So to make sure that you can have a great experience when with a VIP day service provider, here’s my guide to getting the most out of any VIP day that you invest in.

1. Do the pre-work!!

I’ve definitely come to a VIP day thinking I would just show up and everything would magically be done for me. I’ve definitely invested in VIP days where I wasn’t very intentional about the pre-work. 

I thought, going into the Intensive, that the service provider would spend the entire session fixing me and my biz without me having to lift a finger – isn’t that the VIP part of things? This only hurt me and what we were able to cover during the intensive as I tried to think things through on the fly. 

2. Understand the outcome and deliverables

It’s so easy to get caught up in the idea that you’re getting a silver bullet. A panacea. The cure-all and you’re getting it FAST. OMG, how exciting is that??

But also, keep in mind the core outcomes and deliverables for the VIP day and make sure they’re aligned with what YOU actually want to accomplish. I’ve invested in VIP days where I realize now the marketing was amazing, but the outcomes were vague and I didn’t know to ask the question about the outcomes before investing and I wasn’t clear on what the deliverables were going to be after the session. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re going to get an actually written strategy and ending up with session recordings and a good luck email. 

3. Understand the full timeline 

A VIP Day by nature is a short, intensive period of time. Sometimes, your service provider is going to need time to maneuver and put the finishing touches on your deliverables. Keep in mind that there might be a turnaround time to make sure your final deliverables are amazing. 

4. Understand the scope of the VIP Day 

There’s a limit to what you can accomplish during a VIP Day. Don’t think that you will get the exact same support, deliverables, outcomes, and results in a VIP Day that you would get from a long-term program or support. 

Also, don’t get offended or feel like you’re being taken advantage of if your service provider doesn’t engage in 40 minutes of small talk or declines to build out an extra component because it’s outside of the scope of the VIP Day. Asking them to do this is setting you both up for failure. 

I admit that I’ve done this and I’ve allowed it to happen to me as well. But keeping to the scope ensures that the deliverables are really amazing and that you’re not half-assing them just to get them done. 

So, are you ready for a VIP day?

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