How to Find the Missing Scaling Ingredient

I know you’ve done amazing things to get your business to this point.

And now you’re doing all the “right things” to grow your business.

You’ve hired your VA and are building your dream team…

You’ve upgraded your business tech and ready to automate…

You’ve got the SOP template and are writing down how you work…

You might have read the books, taken the courses, and followed the famous scaling frameworks.

You’re doing all the things the big-name coaches are telling you to keep growing your business but…

…You STILL can’t step away from the business.

You can’t turn off and you constantly worry about the business even in your downtime.

And even though you’ve taken the “right steps” laid out in the books, podcasts, and maybe even by your coach, you’re not actually sure if you’ve done it right because your business STILL NEEDS YOU every step of the way.

When all you wanted were things to just happen in your business.

You want client onboarding to just happen.

You want marketing to just happen.

You want projects to just happen.

If this sounds familiar, there’s a reason why it might not be happening for you even though you’re taking what seems to be all the right steps.

In my experience, the one thing that business owners forget when they start to scale their business and prepare to run on autopilot is mastering their specific operations.

SO while you’re checking systems, tech, and VA off your scaling to-do list, you might not know WHY those steps are so important.

You don’t know if you built them the right way.

You don’t know if you have the right team.

You don’t know if the tech you set up will work for your business.

This uncertainty means that you can’t really trust that your business will work for you and that you have all the right pieces in the right places.

Thankfully, you can learn to trust your business by mastering your operations.

Operations Mastery Step 1️⃣ Understand what operations mean.

This one might sound basic, but do you know what operations mean for your business?

It’s hard to master a skill when you don’t know what it means. So let’s take it back to the basics and define what business operations are.

There are a ton of different definitions, and for me, they all boil down to:

The actions you take to make money and produce results in your business.

These results apply to your leads, your clients, and your business.

They should be the results that you actually want whether they’re results for a lead, a client, or how you work in your business.

With this definition in mind, let’s move on to mastery step 2.

Operations Mastery Step 2️⃣ Define your Operations.

Your operations are specific to YOU.

Literally, no one else will operate the exact same way that you do. Therefore, define your specific operations so that you can create certainty in how you generate results and trust the operational tasks that get you there.

This means asking yourself:

How do I market and sell to my leads?

How do I onboard, offboard, and guarantee clients have a great experience with me?

How do I stay organized, productive, and efficient as I serve my clients?

How do I manage my team to execute all of the above with me?

So, do you know how your business operates?

If you don’t know or can’t articulate them clearly, you’ll struggle to implement scaling strategies, create systems, and delegate to your team.

Go back to these questions and answer them in detail so you can move on to master your operations in step 3.

Operations Mastery Step 3️⃣ Audit your operations.

Now that you know what operations are, and you know how YOU specifically want to operate, audit your current operations to figure out exactly where you need to focus to run your business on autopilot.

Look at how you defined your operations in step 2 and compare them to how you’re actually doing things.

Do they happen the way you defined in step 2?

Is how you’re currently operating creating the results that you want?

Are there gaps in the way you want to operate and how you’re actually operating?

By pinpointing those gaps, you’ll know exactly where to build up your ops so that you can trust them to work every time.

This is how you start to scale with certainty that you can really let go and your business will still grow.

A perfect example is one of my clients who was an amazing coach and she was doing everything her coaches told her to do to scale with ease…

… Instead, it felt HARDER to scale.

But once she understood what operations meant and what her specific operations were, her scaling strategy was easy.

We worked together to develop her business operations so that she could trust her systems, tech, and team.

She went on to have her easiest multi-5-figure launch and now routinely enjoys $20k+ weeks while on autopilot.

That wouldn’t have happened (or would have taken much longer) without going back to the basics so that she could master her operations and rebuild them with confidence that she could trust them to work.

You’ll know you’re ready to scale when you know the exact result that your system produces, know that your tech makes your process easy to run, and you can trust your team to get it done.

This trust is what comes from mastering your operations and what it takes to be able to let go, unplug, and scale on autopilot.

This is what my coaching clients learn.

Not only do they get my expert guidance showing them how to build the perfect operations for their business, but they also master their operations.

And they trust their systems.

They trust their tech.

They trust their VAs.

And they grow their business on autopilot, easily and effortlessly!

Is operations mastery the missing key you’ve been looking for to scaling your business?

If so, check out my Effortless Expansion program.

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