How to choose the perfect tech for your business

I see you. I see you checking out another behind-the-scenes post from an influencer, competitor, or someone you admire or aspire to be… 

And I see you freaking out and comparing yourself, and how your business runs, to them and feeling like you’re lacking…

😧 Questioning why you’re not using the same software as them. 

😧 Questioning if you’re using the right software to begin with.

😧 Questioning whether you should switch…

😧 And feeling totally overwhelmed, insecure, and uncertain of your own business.

I see this ALL. THE. TIME.

The uncertainty when you have made tech decisions. 

Uncertainty when you know you need new tools to support your business, but you don’t know how to pick them.

Overwhelm when you go down the Google rabbit hole, dedicating hours to research… and still not making a decision.

Nearly all my clients struggle with the tech in their business – whether it’s feeling totally unsure about making a tech decision and endlessly delaying making a decision. Or jumping onto every new tech platform that pops up, then trying to figure out how to untangle all the tech.

I’ve seen it all. 

And all the uncertainty, the insecurity, and overwhelm when it comes to tech boils down to:

1) Being unclear about how your business actually runs – a.k.a. knowing your process

2) Not having a roadmap of what tech is needed at each stage in your business process

You can’t create the tech roadmap without your process and your process needs a tech roadmap to highlight the gaps, to evaluate what you’ve invested or want to invest in, and to define how you use your tech.

This is information that you actually need to make informed decisions about the tech that you use or don’t use in your business.

So do you know your process? Do you have a roadmap for how you use tech to support your process?

The answers to these questions are what will actually help you pick out the perfect tech for your business.

But if you don’t want to go out alone – if you don’t want to define your processes on your own and you want the perfect tech options and answers roadmap built for you today, then you might be a good fit for my Tech Systems to Scale Intensive. 

Apply for a VIP Systems Assessment call with me and I’ll show you how quickly you can be certain and in control of your business tech. 


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