How to Build Your Business in an Uncertain Time

I know that this is somewhat of an uncertain time for a lot of business owners.

We’re not sure what’s happening in the environment. The market is crashing. We’re not sure where our next clients are coming from because everything is locked down.

So what do you do at this time?

We all still have businesses that we need to continue to run. So what can you do in a period of uncertainty to ensure that you’re continuing to move forward and grow?

That’s what we’ll be covering today: there are only a couple of things that you should be doing right now to ensure that you continue to grow and maintain your business during these tough times.

The first one is pretty easy: if you have any current clients on your roster right now, make sure you’re serving them to the best of your ability and making sure they’re getting the best possible service. Make sure that they are totally in love with what you’re doing, your product, service – whatever it is that you’re providing for them.

That’s the first thing that you should do.

Outside of that, when you’re thinking about developing further and who your next customer/client should be, you have to consider what’s happening in the market, and not be insensitive to it. This is the perfect time to look at your internal projects and what might need an update.

Your systems, checklists, or onboarding and off-boarding process – there are tons of opportunities for improvement.

These are probably things that you’re not thinking about when your business is running at its normal pace. Now that there’s a bit of a delay is the perfect time to look at your internal operations and infrastructure, to complete automation projects, systems, and anything else you might’ve had on the backburner for a while.

Then when the world returns to normal, you’ll be ready for it – right?

Take a look at your offers

Think about what you’re putting out into the market and try to reshape them in a way that’s sensitive to what’s going on in the market, addressing the concerns that might arise along the way.

Why are people not buying from you now? Address those possible concerns in your marketing.

Those are the two main choices you have now if you’re trying to optimize this time and evolve or grow. Tightening your internal operations and customizing your outbound marketing to address current fears and concerns. And it goes without saying, but both of these areas have a ton of nitty-gritty details that you can work on to optimize to propel your business.

If you have an idea fo a launch that fits what’s going on in the market right now, make sure to adjust the message and content to the specificity of what’s happening.

Either way, you’re going to be able to slow down and properly take advantage of this period to take your business to the next level – ready for what comes next once the market recuperates.

If you’re in a place in your business now where you know you have some maintenance and infrastructure projects you’d like to work on – or even a big project launch that you’re refining – reach out to me. This is what I do every day and I’m clearing space for two new project-based clients in my business.

Feel free to reach out and drop me a comment below so that we can have a chat and get you clear on what your next steps are and whether you could benefit from having someone like me on your side (or if you’re set to take care of this next step on your own!).

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