How to Build Systems that Get Perfect Results Every Time

If you saw my last message you know that if you’re not getting great results from your systems…it’s because you didn’t build them to great results.

So that brings up the question, “Well how do I build a system to get great results?”

You might be figuring out bits and pieces of your ops…

You might have started mapping out a system…

You might have even written a few SOPs…

Heck, you might have even outsourced to a Systems VA or even OBM to document your process…

You’ve done all these things but your systems still end up sitting in a Gdrive folder and your business definitely DOES NOT feel like it’s running any smoother.

If this is where you’re at (or what you want to avoid), then know that the issue is not the systems themselves, but the way that you started building them.

Most of the system tutorials you find on Google and Youtube or in courses and coaching programs will tell you to start with your process.

📝Write it out. Draw it out. Use sticky notes. Whatever you want.

Just as long as you write out how you do your work.

But if you build a system based on how you’re doing work right now, you get the same results that you’re getting right now.

What if you don’t like those results?

What if you don’t like how many steps there are, how manual it is, or that only you can do literally every step of the process?

Why would you want to build a system replicating those results??

Personally, I wouldn’t want to waste the time on building systems that I don’t like, don’t use, or don’t work.

But this is how most business owners are told to build systems so it’s no surprise that a lot of my clients come to me with systems they don’t like, don’t use, and don’t work.

So how do you build systems that get the result you want? That work the way you want? Here’s how…

#1 Start with the results

Instead of diving in headfirst and starting with the 1, 2, 3 for how you get work done, pause and start with what you actually want.

What results do you want from your systems?

– How do you want them to work?

– How much involvement do you want to have?

– What parts specifically do you want to handle?

Ask yourself how would you work in an ideal scenario.

Don’t talk yourself out of it and downplay it. Your system gets to be ideal so it can produce ideal results.

By starting with the results that you want, you can guarantee that your systems will produce great results for you because what you want become the parameters and requirements for the system.

And starting with the end results is the fastest way to build systems that actually give you what you want.

#2 Reverse Engineer the Results

Once you know what you want your systems to do, you can map out the steps that will get you those results.

Keep the end results in mind and draft your process with the thought of, “How do I get to this result?”

– What do I need to do?

– What does someone else need to know to do this for me?

– What do I need to do to trust they’re doing the work to my standard?

In this step, you’re creating a mix of what you’re doing right now AND steps that you need to add (or remove) to get the results you actually want.

Write these down – THIS is the system that you ACTUALLY want and need.

But it doesn’t end there. You’re at the halfway point, the next 2 steps are the real secret sauce to systems…

#3 Work the system

Systems only work if you use them.

So work your system.

Work through the process exactly as you’ve outlined to make sure you’re getting the results you want.

If you’re not getting the results you want, then what needs to change to get you there?

I always recommend a minimum of 3 run-through of every new system (more if you have the time, space, and bandwidth for it).

And through each of these tests, some of the questions you can ask yourself:

– Is this working the way I want?

– Are there holes in the system

– Are there questions that keep coming up?

This is valuable information that you won’t know about until AFTER you start to use the system.

So work the system so it can work for you.

#4 Refine + Retest

If someone told you that systems were a 1-and-done thing, they weren’t being honest with you.

It’s super difficult to land on the perfect system the first time because there are things about the way you work and your own preferences and desires for how that work actually happens that you might not even know yet.

You will have management and leadership needs you don’t know about until you’ve delegated parts of the system.

And there will be ways to streamline and automate that you don’t think will work for you until you experience your process live.

So update your system based on what you learned in step 3.

All systems are iterative and that is why this step is so crucial if you want systems that actually give you the results you want every time.

This is the step that makes your system rock solid and scalable.

A lot of business owners will spend 2x, 3x, 4x MORE time just trying to figure out their systems based on what they’re doing right now, before they realize down the line that the systems they built don’t actually give them what they want…

That is when they usually have to start again when the stakes are higher, they have more on the line, and when it’s harder and more disruptive to rebuild their systems.

But when you follow my process, you cut your iteration time by at least 50% because you’re streamlining and optimizing systems that are already ideal.

That’s what we do together inside my Effortless Expansion program.

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