How Much It Costs to Hire a Great VA

I’m all about working with entrepreneurs who are ready to scale to 7-figures while working part-time hours in the next few years.

Getting here means having a team… but it might feel impossible to hire anyone, right?

The first year in my business, I was totally unprepared for all the “extras”.

🔧⚙️🛠️ The website set up, the graphic design, marketing, bookkeeping… everything outside of my services that keep the business running.

I was in way over my head and I spent countless hours at YouTube University, figuring out how to put up my first WordPress website. 🤓

I wanted to scream in frustration while trying to make thin shaded lines in Canva (LINES 🤬).

I listened to the gurus on their podcasts preaching about delegating and hiring VAs, but I wasn’t ready for that, right?

I was still getting started. I didn’t have the full client roster. I didn’t have the $100k+ revenue.

I knew I couldn’t hire until I had at least $100k and had a full client roster.

But on a call with my first-ever coach, I told her I was stressed running the business.

She asked if I considered hiring a VA to help out and increase my capacity.

NO, of course not, I couldn’t afford it yet.

She challenged me to just “window shop” for a VA.

So I dug into Upwork and VA match services.

I was shocked that literally every task I struggled with, there was a VA that could do it for me.

I was impressed by great reviews and testimonials they had for their work.

AND more importantly, I was surprised by their rates and how wide the range was. I COULD afford to hire a VA, maybe even 2!!! 🤯

I jumped into the hiring process immediately.

I created a wishlist of tasks to offload.

I reached out to VAs and scheduled discovery calls.

I hired a VA within 2 weeks.

And I let out a huge sigh of relief…

… before I'd even assigned her a single piece of work. Just knowing that come Monday, I would have someone to support me. Knowing someone has my back and that it wasn't on me to produce - was a huge weight off my shoulders.

I kept my coach updated on my hiring progress, and a month after I hired my VA, how glad I was that I’d hired her. I had so much more time. I didn’t have to do the work I dreaded anymore and I’d signed a new client.

And she laughed and told me she knew that I wouldn’t have believed her if she just told me I could afford to hire.

I had to see the facts and figures for myself.

And now, I know for a fact that VAs come at all levels, at all skill sets, and at all rates.

Literally anyone who wants one can afford to hire a VA to take over the work that drains them, free up their time and grow their business faster.

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