Listen up 📣, growing a business solo is challenging and it feels like you’re going all the  “right things”- like focusing on your strategy, marketing, and signing clients – but what happened in my business and what I see now in my clients’ businesses is that if you get stuck at $6, $8k, $10k months and then you have to start making sacrifices in to make more.

Don’t believe me?

Well, are you…

😣 Grinding hard and working long and longer hours – stretched thin wearing all the hats and doing all the things in your business?

😣Falling behind on your marketing, launches, projects for growth?

😣Missing out with friends, family, not being present or able to take an afternoon off even though you’re the boss?

All of these things I did that actually kept me from really growing my business  – I was so deep in the weeds just trying stay on top of delivery for my clients, that I stopped marketing, which was great at the time because I didn’t have time to do AND because I couldn’t take on any more clients. I was working long and longer hours every day.

My clients were getting amazing results, they LOVED working with me, they LOVED having me on their side, they LOVED my ability to strategize how to build and grow their business and implement everything…

I couldn’t take off freely. I was always “On.”

I constantly worry about my business…

By the time I got to the point where I was dropping balls and needed to hire, I was too busy to give it my full attention and be thoughtful about the support I really needed in my business.

❌This was an expensive mistake.❌

❌It cost me time that I didn’t have.❌

❌Money paying for support that wasn’t what I needed and wasn’t making a big difference to my workload.❌

❌Then it cost me MORE time and money going back to the drawing board to hire again and then realizing I didn’t have the systems or tools in place to allow someone to successfully support me. ❌

These are all stumbling blocks that were rough lessons for me to learn, and in looking back, now that I’ve built my team many times over as I’ve pivoted my business model, as I’ve hired for my clients, the key piece I see is that your team is the rocket fuel in business spaceship.

You can build any business model you want. You can automate out the wazoo. You can invest in all kinds of tools and software that will “practically run your business for you,” BUT you can’t get away from needing a support team if you want to take off and hit astronomical goals.

So, is your business taking off or staying solo and grounded?

If you want to hire a team to add rocket fuel to your business, and you want to avoid these expensive hiring mistakes, then you might be a good fit for my Team Systems to Scale VIP intensive. Apply for a Team Systems Assessment with me and I’ll tell you exactly how you can hire the right team members to get your business to lift off. 

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