How Indecision Is Killing Your Business

Today, let’s talk about the feeling of uncertainty.

You know the one.

The feeling of doubt that often comes up when you are looking for new tools or as you’re building your business. Or, when you’re growing your business.

Nothing kills your ability to have momentum within your business more than this.

You’re unable to be clear, make a decision, and move forward. I see this all the time with business owners, my clients, and other people who come to my events.

It shows up in different ways: “…Maybe I need to ask for more feedback, or ask more people?” Or regarding a new product or project – “…Maybe I need to offer more options and on more platforms?”

Again, nothing kills your ability to grow and progress more than this indecision.

Questions revolve around what you should do, choose, where you should put your resources and time.

Nevertheless, it all revolves around a lack of clarity, right? You may not be clear on what you want, the right tools, resources, strategy, and even tactics.

How do you find this clarity in your business?

How do you get clear on what you’re trying to accomplish?

It’s actually really easy! It comes down to three major questions.

First, you have to be clear on what you’re actually trying to accomplish.

What is the vision? What is the goal for this new project product line, your business, your personal life – what are you trying to accomplish?

What are the goals in terms of numbers? What are the metrics that you want to hit?

Having a really clear, concise vision for what you’re trying to accomplish is the first step. Ask yourself: what is it that I want to try to build? What is it that I’m trying to accomplish? What are my goals and what is my vision over the short term?

Second, you have to determine what the strategy, tactic, tool, program/service, etc. is actually adding to your business.

How is it going to help you reach your goal and vision?

It’s a huge question – and one that, if you get a “no,” just move on and leave that behind.

There’s no space for continuous questions and uncertainty there, which saves you a ton of time and headache.

Which, leads us to the final step.

Third, if the tool or product does add to your goals or vision, then how does it do so? How can you use it to move the needle forward?

This last step is about figuring out how to use the tactic/product/tool – specifically – to reach your intended goal. It’ll shape how you use that product, right?


In conclusion, those three steps are how you achieve clarity and certainty within your businesses.

It is understanding whether or not the various tools and tactics are actually going to help you reach your goals (once you’ve defined them, of course). And if you realize that they will not – just forget about it and move on.

And the moments you determine you need more feedback and advice, you step out and try to find it.

So, does this resonate with you? Is this where you’re at right now with your business?

Do you feel like you’re uncertain or in a place of doubt, not gaining any traction in your business?

If you’re in that space and feeling indecisive, feel free to drop me a line below. I love hearing from you guys, and I’m always happy to help.

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