You might have seen this offer during my masterclass and on my social media pages, but I want to give you a chance to hear from me exactly what’s going on in my business and what I am available for going forward.

You might have heard or seen that I’m focused on my team-building intensives so that you can get confident as a leader. With my Develop Your Dream Team Intensive, we will skip you past the growing pains, and take you straight to the certainty that your team is well-oiled and ready to perform for you.

In this intensive, we will work together to create your hiring system and your process. We’re bringing on the right people into your team so that you are fully supported and staffed, and ready to rock and roll. So you can accelerate the way that you grow your business.

✔️ We will also develop your team growth formula, what roles really matter within your team, and what order should they be hired. 

✔️ We will work together to make sure that you know exactly what roles you need in your team, how you’re going to hire them, how you’re going to onboard them because we’re going to build your onboarding process together. 

✔️ You’ll know how you’re going to manage your team, once they are on board.

This will give you the full certainty to show up as a CEO and as a leader in your business, knowing that you have the support to drive forward any growth strategy that you want. To have your team in a place where they can practically read your mind and take your support to the next level.

If you’re someone who is at the place of overwhelm…

If you know that you need support, but you’ve been dragging your feet…

If you’ve been asking for referrals but not doing anything about it…

If you’re not sure who you need on your team and what you want to delegate…

If you don’t know how you’re going to bring them on board so that they can support you…

Well, this is the Intensive for you, because I’m going to take the guesswork out of building your team. And I will build your hiring, onboarding, and key management systems so that you can show up like a boss, lead like a real CEO, and focus on the activities within your business that can accelerate your growth. 

Because you are the CEO. You deserve all of the support in the world, you deserve a team that is going to have your back and is going to be able to propel you forward.

If that’s what you want, then you’re a perfect fit for my Develop Your Dream Team Intensive. 

The spots are booking out so go ahead and register for a time for us to talk about whether or not this is a great fit for you and how the program actually works.

Apply for a VIP Systems Assessment here.

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