Dream Team Intensive

Systems to hire the perfect team member, every time.

Say hello to the Dream Team that practically reads your mind.

Whether you need 1 new team member or 20 -
we’ll build the perfect team systems so you have a team that is ready to support you with minimal hand holding.

You're at the edge of burnout...again.

You’re bumping up against your growth ceiling and no matter what you do, work always ends up back on your plate.

You know you need a team, but…

  • You’ve been burned by a less than stellar VA before.
  • You’re unsure of who to hire and what they should be doing.
  • You don’t know how to manage a virtual team.
  • You don’t know how to set up your team to take work off your plate once and for all.

Now, you’re drowning in to-do’s and too busy to figure out how to get the perfect team members in place.


Building Your dream Team Isn’t Mission Impossible…

You can have a lean, mean Dream Team that reads you mind & frees up your time.

We're HEre to Build your TEam Systems
So you can...

perfect hires. Every time.

100% of our Clients LOVE the team members that go through our hiring, onboarding, & management systems.

• Have the exact 1-2-3 process that makes hiring the right person a breeze whether it's hire 1 or 100.

Save 10 Hours - Minimum.

Our Clients cut an average of 10 hours off their workload to start.

• Take hiring, onboarding, and managing, your team from 10 hours to 10 minutes and start delegating to a team that can practically read your mind.

Work less & Be the CEO

All of our Clients are confident, secure, and feel great delegating.

• Finally unplug with confidence where work is getting done to your standards and have more time for family, fun, & your next big idea.


WE GET IT. You want a dream team.  You want certainty that you’re hiring the right people. You want to get them onboard and performing, fast.

We use our years of online business experience and mixed in 15+ years of high-performing team tactics from corporate to systemize the hiring, onboarding, and team management to practically guarantee that you’ll be able to hire the perfect fit, every time.

So we create:

  • Hiring systems to take the guesswork out of your hiring candidates that are the perfect fit, whether it’s hire 1 or 100.
  • Team onboarding system so your team members are highly engaged and motivated from the start.
  • Team management system so you can lead with confidence and certainty that they’ll perform exactly how you want.

The Plan

1. Formulate

We'll formulate your perfect hiring plan so exactly what roles you need to scale starting today.

2. Finesse

We’ll create your team building systems so you’ll know exactly how to hire and onboard highly engaged and motivated team members from the start.

3. Freedom

We'll create the 1-2-3 step management processes so you can lead your high-performing team in just 1 hour a week.

What's Included:

  • Complete Team Hiring System
    • Take the guesswork out of your hiring with an exact 1-2-3 step process for where to look, how you interview, and evaluate candidates for the perfect fit. 
  • Complete Team Onboarding System
    • The secret sauce of a highly engaged and motivated team member is onboarding. We’ll build your onboarding system so you’re prepared to onboard and blast forward.
  • Complete Team Management System
    • So you’ve hired. Now what? We’ll break the ice for you by designing your team management system so you can lead like a seasoned CEO.
  • Templates
    • All the templates you need to hire, onboard, and manage your team.
  • Fully Documented Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS)
    • Detailed 1-2-3 step processes for every system so you always know your next step.
  • CEO Training
    • Step by step training for you (and/or your team) so you’re confident and certain you can lean on the system every time.
  • Implementation Support
    • 2 weeks of unlimited email access so you can ask all the questions as you build your team and step into your CEO role.

Investment:  $5,000


Frequently Asked Questions:

It’s actually easier to put systems together when you’re still growing. When you are already on your way to multi-6-figures, it’s harder to develop systems because there’s more at stake and it’s harder to let go and delegate.

If you are at a place where you are feeling overwhelmed, spread too thin and working all hours trying to keep up with your business and you want to free up your time and energy to focus on other parts of your business, then it’s probably time to start building your systems foundation.

Systems are by definition the series of steps to complete a task and my systems are designed to be ready to delegate as soon as they are delivered. I know your systems will work because I’ve been building successful systems for 15 years. If the systems don’t work and your work can’t be delegated to give you back more time, I will work with you for free until they do.

If you could do it yourself, you would have already. The fact is systems aren’t just a series of steps that need to be written down. They also need to be framed in a way that allows someone else to complete the work for you. That’s where my expertise and experience come into play.

If you just want a series of steps, you can totally do it yourself. If you want a system that is totally ready to delegate, then I’m happy to build it for you.

I meet you where you’re at and we start with the system that is most pressing for you. We only work on the parts of your business that you want to delegate and be free from.

I know my systems will work for you because I’ve built systems that work for large, multinational financial institutions. I use my expertise to package your business essence into a repeatable, delegatable system.

The results are in your calendar and how much more time you have.

The results are in how quickly you can hire support and can take work off your plate.

The results are in you being able to do less work and still make the same or more money.

It’s hard to physically see the return that systems will have in your business. The one thing I can 100% guarantee is that your business won’t just automatically give you freedom, flexibility, ease. You have to choose it and your pathway to it is in your systems, your automations, and your team.

And if you’ve already tried it the hard way – IE doing it all on your own – and aren’t comfortable with how much you personally have to work to keep your business on track – why wouldn’t you try another way?

#FunFact – Growing your revenue, your clients and your business in general is harder without systems. You inevitably will reach your own capacity and you won’t be able to make more money, sign new clients, or grow your business without proper systems, automations, or team members involved.

When you’re already at the point of busy and edging toward burnout, building systems is more difficult because you’ll have less time for the changes that building out your systems will require.