Does Your Business Need Systems Because YOU Are Afraid??

Does this sound familiar? You take a day off to unplug, have brunch or treat yourself to a spa day – and your friends (or your massage therapist or manicurist) “oohs” and “ahhs” over how much freedom you have as a business owner.

You feel a little anxious and afraid because even though you’re taking the time off… you’re not REALLY off.

You haven’t really unplugged and your head is actually back at your business. Secretly, in the back of your mind, you’re always thinking about all of the things that you could be (or should be) doing for your business.

You’re constantly thinking about all the things that could be falling through the cracks and all of the things your team may (or may not) be doing.

In short, you’re constantly on edge, worried, and a little anxious about your business.

I see this all the time and it is SO common with business owners. In fact, the last time I traveled, I connected with another business owner. Because we were talking about traveling while running a business, I quickly realized she didn’t need systems to help her operate her business more efficiently.

She needed systems so that she could feel comfortable, secure, and be able to embrace her travels and the lifestyle her business allowed her to have. This is what I see with a lot of business owners who come to me needing help building their systems.

It's not always about needing systems

It’s not always about needing systems to grow or run lean or more efficiently. Systems give you security. Being an entrepreneur, not much is 100% certain, and your systems can give you certainty so that you can truly unplug and let go.

If this sounds like you, focus your systems on what makes you feel secure.

#1) Ask yourself this: What responses, what updates, what team members, what automations make you feel certain about the work being done in your business?

#2) Build your workflows, internal reports, team roles, and communication plans around your responses.

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