VIDEO: Delegating for Business Growth

Diane discusses the typical experience of a new business owner:

We spend so much time learning how to update our website, post on social media, create email newsletters, but we end up neglecting the areas of our business that we know will drive our growth and increase our profitability such as relationship growing and servicing (delighting) our clients. Diane notes that if we get caught up in those other areas, we are pulled away from where we know we should be to increase our revenue. It’s worth noting that often since it’s not our area of expertise, we take on those ‘other’ tasks with sub-par results ( and a huge time suck )

Diane wants to make this really clear…..We MUST SHIFT our MINDSET!

We must view building a team as an investment in our self and in our business. Delegating gives us the freedom to pursue our own area of genius.

Diane points out that it is never too early to begin to see what you might be able to parcel out to a team member or a virtual assistant.

What to delegate first?

It’s easy to get into analysis paralysis….but here’s her suggestion.

Take note of the tasks that are on your ‘to-do’ list that make you feel heavy. That you find you put off till last, or begrudgingly get to only when it’s ‘must-do’. Which tasks do you drag your feet on?

Is it updating your website? Creating an email newsletter? Invoicing?

Identify those tasks and find a virtual assistant to take them on for you. It’s possible to find folks who will take on even 2 hours/month!

When outsourcing….consider the Time vs. Money issue. Do you want to take Time to train someone (especially in an area that you may not be well-versed in?) Or would it be better to spend a bit more money to hire someone who is already an expert in that area?

Diane wants you to know that empowering your team to take on tasks to help free you up for your continued growth can be one of the best things you ever do for yourself.

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