Creating a Rock Solid Marketing System

Do you want to know exactly how to create systems to streamline your business and take you from hot mess express to scaling CEO?

My 4 steps to building ANY System you want so you get great results:

1. Start with the end results
2. Reverse Engineer those results
3. Test
4. Refine + Retest

I get that this might make sense…and not make sense all at the same time – esp if you haven’t built any systems yet, so I want to give you a behind-the-scenes peek at how this process worked with a client.

My client came to me because they wanted to scale their business, they had big dreams for their business that they wanted to bring to life.

But their messy processes stopped them before they could get their next ideas off the ground.

And they felt like they were constantly behind and under pressure to market and launch – even with 2 VAs helping them.

They were writing content and shooting new videos, reels, tiktoks, and stories to feed their social media content machine.

And the last straw came during the last weeks of summer as they arrived in Portugal for holiday.

They’d been working so hard to prepare all the content they needed so they could be fully off…

But looking at their Buffer schedule, they realized they miscounted and didn’t have enough content ready to cover their full out-of-office time.

They had a launch coming up and didn’t want to skip the posting so they sucked it up.

And they went from an unplugged vacation to a working holiday where they split their time enjoying the sites and then hopping into work mode in the evening.

Which was technically fine, but when my client finished their launch, they knew they did NOT want to do that again.

They WANTED to be able to take totally unplugged time off and they admitted to me later that they were burning out on the constant marketing and launching cycle and they wanted to build systems to make it easier and more sustainable for them.

So what did our system building look like in real life?

The first thing we did was define the results they wanted…

  • Posts on all of their social platforms 3 x week, but they personally didn’t want to be on social
  • They didn’t want to produce so many types of content
  • They wanted to stick to creating the longer articles/blogs they enjoyed
  • Shoot a few videos each week
  • Wanted their VAs to create new content
  • Wanted their VAs to handle the “rest” of social

Based on this, we reversed engineered the process that included…

  • How to capture their visual brand
  • How to capture their content tone
  • How to repurpose their “origin” content
  • How to create graphics/visual assets
  • How to submit content for approval
  • The posting schedule
  • How to engage on social
  • How to report social results

Guiding them through this process, my client realized they weren’t using their VAs to their full potential because 1) they were nervous about them being able to produce content the same way they did; 2) they weren’t sure if they could handle the marketing.

And because working with me is NOT just about building systems, but making sure that they have the expert ops guidance so they can run your business like a CEO, I showed them exactly what to include in their processes to guarantee a team member could produce content in the same style they did.

And I outlined their metrics, milestones, the red flags that would let them know whether their current team could handle it or not, and what to do if they weren’t a good fit.

With a clear plan for how they would move forward and a backup plan if things didn’t work out, my client was more than confident to move into step 3…

Testing the process…

This is the easy part and because they knew exactly what they were testing for and the results they were supposed to get, they found 2 missing steps that made their team trip up and slowed the process down.

Working together, we defined 1️⃣ what needed to be added to their process to close the gaps, 2️⃣ the template they needed to create to foolproof it, and 3️⃣ where they should store it so it wouldn’t be overlooked again so they could move on to the final step…

The process refinements…

They added the steps and templates and when they retested…

🤩 The process was smoother.

🤩 Their team was creating new content for them.

🤩 Their team was getting faster at repurposing old content.

🤩 They had fewer revisions on the content their team was creating.

And they didn’t really know what to do with themselves as they had less and less to do with marketing each week.

Learn more and how to work with me here.

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