How to Audit Your Team to Scale

It kind of goes without saying that you need a team if you want to scale your business to your next $100k, $500k, a million, and beyond. And maybe you’ve already started that journey. You have freelancers taking over the one-off projects. You have VAs that support the day-to-day. You have an OBM and/or an Ops Manager keeping an eye on your biz. You have all the support you could ask for… So why don’t you have more freedom and flexibility in your day? Why are your team expenses on the rise? And why are you still in the thick of things, pulling the strings, coming up with ideas, solutions, troubleshooting, and all the things in between? If you’re like most business owners I see, you started building a team to take the pressure off of you, but somewhere along the way, you lost sight of why you hired and whether that hire is moving closer to your scaling goals. So, how do you get back on track with your team so that you actually get the support you need to scale your business?

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Hiring a Team Won’t Help You Scale

You know you need a team to scale your business, right? You know you’ll need a VA or an OBM or a DOO, someone who is going to help you handle all of the bits and pieces of your business. Someone who will come in and save the day so you don’t have to handle all the admin, the ops, and the stuff you just plain don’t want or know how to do. And maybe you’ve started down that road… and gotten less than stellar results with VAs. Maybe you’ve upgraded to OBMs and DOOs…and found that more expertise doesn’t mean more work off your plate. Because a team is a piece of the formula… And hiring a team isn’t going to help unless you can also lead, manage, and hold your team accountable for delivering results up to your standards.

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Everyone Wants to be a CEO Until it’s Time to do CEO Sh*t

Did you know, I am a big fan of Bravo’s Below Deck? In a trailer for the new season, Captain Lee (my fav 🤩🤩) said, “Everyone wants to be Captain until it’s time to do Captain sh*t.” And the truth in that statement rang loud and clear. Anyone can call themselves a CEO, a Founder, or an Owner. But when it comes down to it, when it’s time to make the decisions, have hard conversations, and lead so that your business can thrive, do you act like it? It can be hard to own your role as the CEO in your business when your business is disorganized, messy, and unsteady.

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How to Make EVERY Tech Decision with Ease

What if every time a tech decision came across your desk, you didn’t flinch with confusion, overwhelm, and indecision? What if every time you had to make a tech decision, you could do it quickly and with 90+% certainty that you were making the right decision? And what if connecting the tech downright excited you and you could confidently delegate the creation of automation to your VA?

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3 Red Flags You Need to Scale Your Operations ASAP

Between growing your audience, marketing, and delivering your work to your clients, how do you know when it’s time for you to prioritize your operations? It’s easy to pass over your operations because, well, growth is more fun and you get to create. But so many entrepreneurs come to me when the time to proactively build their ops foundation has passed.

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Why Your VA Isn’t Performing

A lot of people - clients, prospects, and contacts in my network - come to me saying, 😤 “I’m frustrated with my VA, they aren’t doing what I want!” 😤 “Why isn’t my team more proactive?” 😤 “I have to pick up the slack and work keeps ending up back on my plate!” If this sounds like your experience with your team, it’s probably not their fault. 😲

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Who + When to Hire to Grow a Multi 6-Figure Business

You have to make a ton of decisions every day, all to grow your business and finally get the entrepreneurial freedom and flexibility you might dream about. Every day, you decide… What to offer – How to market – What content to produce – What client to serve first – How to reply to a prospect – When to follow up – Who to reply to next – What to post on social… It goes on and on and on…

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The 3 Systems Phases to Master to Scale with Ease

Do you know what happens when you not only build systems, but understand how they work and why? You might be thinking… ”Meh, systems are NOT my jam” or “I don’t really need to care because I’m going to outsource my systems.” Which is totally fine, most of my clients usually feel like that… at the start.

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My Personal Systems Disaster & How to Avoid It

Does it seem like I have it all together when it comes to systems? That wasn’t always the case and I’ve definitely had my fair share of less than perfect systems. One of the biggest system mistakes I made was when I tried to delegate my client calls. It was an unmitigated disaster du jour.

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