10x Your Business with Total Confidence

How would you celebrate if 20 new leads come in tomorrow? 🎉🎉 And how would you celebrate if you signed on 10, 15, or 20 new clients immediately? 💃 Happy dance like no one is watching and take a day off? 🧖‍♀️ Book a relaxing spa day? 💎 Buy yourself something pretty and/or sparkly that you’ve had your eye on for a while? ✈️ Book a first-class vacation? 🍾 Or maybe you have something else in mind that’s decadent, luxurious, and wonderful. When this moment arrives, I hope you will revel in your success, celebrate how far you’ve come, and be more than ready to receive this and more…🥰🥰 But what if…you’re not sure if you can actually receive this level of growth without breaking down?

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How to Balance Ops + Growth

I know you want to grow your business. And I know you’ve invested in coaches, masterminds, strategists, and programs to make that growth happen. If you’re like a lot of my clients, that means that ops and scaling fall to the wayside while you focus on growth… …until something breaks down or frustrates you so much that you’ve had enough and your ops become a priority. This back and forth can feel like a roller coaster ride. One that’s full of belly dropping anxiety as you worry about break downs and whether you can handle more growth. So how do you balance growing your business with building the ops foundation to handle that growth?

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Where to Start Building Your Scalable Ops

Does scaling your business feel overwhelming? Because building your systems… is overwhelming. Building all the tech and automations to scale… is overwhelming Building and managing a team to get you there…is overwhelming. Because how are you supposed to actually put them into place? I get it - building all the systems, hiring all the team members, and upgrading all the tech that you need to scale your business is a very big ask, especially when it seems like they need to be all done at once. But here’s the thing that no one talks about: scaling (even when you have a team of VAs, OBMs, and high-level consultants doing it for you) NEVER happens all at once… Scaling really happens in phases.

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Forget KPIs – The One Measure for Your Ops Success or Failure

Do you ever worry about whether your business is on the right track to scale? I’ve heard a lot from you guys, that your coaches, masterminds, courses, and programs are talking about knowing your numbers, your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) because numbers don’t lie... But not many of those coaches, masterminds, or programs talk about exactly how to create KPIs. Because KPIs are measured best AFTER you’ve built your ops foundation. After your systems are buttoned up. After your tech stack is in place. After your automations are in place. After your team is onboarded. If you don’t have your foundation in place, it can be very difficult to measure their performance, and if you can, your data is skewed because you are still making adjustments to your systems, tech, automation, and team to get them to work the way you want.

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How to Audit Your Team to Scale

It kind of goes without saying that you need a team if you want to scale your business to your next $100k, $500k, a million, and beyond. And maybe you’ve already started that journey. You have freelancers taking over the one-off projects. You have VAs that support the day-to-day. You have an OBM and/or an Ops Manager keeping an eye on your biz. You have all the support you could ask for… So why don’t you have more freedom and flexibility in your day? Why are your team expenses on the rise? And why are you still in the thick of things, pulling the strings, coming up with ideas, solutions, troubleshooting, and all the things in between? If you’re like most business owners I see, you started building a team to take the pressure off of you, but somewhere along the way, you lost sight of why you hired and whether that hire is moving closer to your scaling goals. So, how do you get back on track with your team so that you actually get the support you need to scale your business?

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When Will You “Make It” in Business?

Are you there yet? You know, the place that you dreamed about when you were starting your business… Traveling when you want and unplugging when you need. Having unlimited freedom to work when and how you want. Having a team bring your vision to life. Being in charge of a thriving business like a “real” CEO. The kind of freedom, flexibility, and ease that inspired you to make the leap to being your own boss. You’ve had your eye on this prize for a while, right? And you’ve been focused on growing your business and doing everything you can to follow in the footsteps of other business owners who have “made” it… …only to find out that you don’t really know where THERE is.

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A Coach Convinced Me I Couldn’t Have the Business I Wanted

“You can’t be a coach.” I remember hearing those words loud and clear from a coach. One who wasn’t even MY COACH. I felt my cheeks flame and my stomach drop at such a bold and vehement statement from someone I’d known for less than an hour. I met this coach at a networking event and I was so excited to finally meet them because our mutual acquaintances kept mentioning our approaches were similar, our services seemed so complementary to each other, and that we needed to connect!

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Everyone Wants to be a CEO Until it’s Time to do CEO Sh*t

Did you know, I am a big fan of Bravo’s Below Deck? In a trailer for the new season, Captain Lee (my fav 🤩🤩) said, “Everyone wants to be Captain until it’s time to do Captain sh*t.” And the truth in that statement rang loud and clear. Anyone can call themselves a CEO, a Founder, or an Owner. But when it comes down to it, when it’s time to make the decisions, have hard conversations, and lead so that your business can thrive, do you act like it? It can be hard to own your role as the CEO in your business when your business is disorganized, messy, and unsteady.

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What to Do When Your Business Doesn’t Feel Like it Fit

How often do you feel like you don’t know how all the pieces of your business fit together? How often do you feel like something is “off” - your business not running quite right but you can’t put your finger on what’s not working or how to fix it? How often do you feel like you don’t know if you have the right processes, the right tech, or even the right team members because nothing seems to be gelling? If you’re nodding along here, then the key you’re missing is mastery over your ops - that understanding of how your business operates to get the results you want.

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Creating a Rock Solid Marketing System

Do you want to know exactly how to create systems to streamline your business and take you from hot mess express to scaling CEO? My 4 steps to building ANY System you want so you get great results: 1. Start with the end results. 2. Reverse Engineer those results 3. Test. 4. Refine + Retest. I get that this might make sense…and not make sense all at the same time - esp if you haven’t built any systems yet, so I want to give you a behind-the-scenes peek at how this process worked with a client.

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