5 Steps to Hire Dependable Virtual Assistants

Can I depend on my Virtual Assistant day-to-day? Will they do the job that I need them to do and will they do it at the quality I need? And will my VA be available when I need them? When the chips are down and I need help ASAP? If these are questions that are going through your mind when you think about hiring a VA, you’re not alone!

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I was Ready but Too Late

Do you know what a hairstylist, a facialist, and a tattoo artist all have in common with your business? This isn’t a riddle or brain teaser, it's a fact that I discovered whenever I was looking for someone to support me or my business: By the time that I was “ready” to book an appointment or work with them, it was too late. Let me explain… and I’m sure you might see some similarities in your day to day.

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How to Save 10 hours WITHOUT Hiring

You know me, I’m all about having a team, delegating and outsourcing work so that you can work less, get better results and make more money. It’s a fact in growing a multi-6-figure business - you will need a team to do it. But I get it that sometimes it might feel like you’re not ready to hire your first (or next) assistant.

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How to Consistently Generate Leads

“How do I get more leads???” Is this a question you’ve been asking yourself? At every growth stage in my business, this has been a question, and chatting with other entrepreneurs, it comes up often. At this point, you might not know why you’re inconsistent because… ​✔️​ You’ve worked on your offers and messaging. ​✔️​ You’ve built your audience. ​✔️​ And you’re so successful when you sell…

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Why Your VA Isn’t Performing

A lot of people - clients, prospects, and contacts in my network - come to me saying, 😤 “I’m frustrated with my VA, they aren’t doing what I want!” 😤 “Why isn’t my team more proactive?” 😤 “I have to pick up the slack and work keeps ending up back on my plate!” If this sounds like your experience with your team, it’s probably not their fault. 😲

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The VA I Hired Took Advantage of Me

Is one of your fears being taken advantage of by your VA? A contact reached out to me for a referral because she was convinced that her VA was taking advantage, padding her timesheet, and just plain not hearing what she wanted. Before she hired, she was nervous, but she jumped in excitedly anyway. Now it seemed like her nightmare was coming true...

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The Secret to Picking the Perfect Project Management Software

Asana. Trello. ClickUp. Monday. Airtable. Notion. Basecamp. Hive. Smartsheet. Keap… OH MY! Are you thinking about any of these project management softwares? It can feel so overwhelming to pick the perfect project management software and I’ve seen so many business owners sign up for tons of free trials, never to log into the software again. And worse, I’ve seen business owners PAYING for project management software subscriptions - only to manage their tasks through their emails and Google Docs.

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The Biz Growth Trap to Avoid

Maybe this year, you’ve crossed over the 5-figure/month mark in your business (YESSSS🎉🎉🎉) And now you’re reaching for your next level. You’re following Traction to a T. You got the business coach and the next level strategy. You’ve upgraded your tools and tech. You hired a VA and maybe an OBM. You’re checking all the boxes to scale your business, but something still feels off… 😕😕😕 and you’re not quite sure what. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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