How to Balance Ops + Growth

I know you want to grow your business. And I know you’ve invested in coaches, masterminds, strategists, and programs to make that growth happen. If you’re like a lot of my clients, that means that ops and scaling fall to the wayside while you focus on growth… …until something breaks down or frustrates you so much that you’ve had enough and your ops become a priority. This back and forth can feel like a roller coaster ride. One that’s full of belly dropping anxiety as you worry about break downs and whether you can handle more growth. So how do you balance growing your business with building the ops foundation to handle that growth?

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Your Uncertainty is Leaving Money on the Table

What if you could… 🤔 Build an automatic upsell for your offers? 🤔 Become an affiliate for your favorite coach? 🤔 Package and sell your methodology? 🤔 Consult for startups or corporations? 🤔 Launch the new offer that came to you during lunch last week? How much more money would make if you actually had the bandwidth and the resources to leverage what you already have in place?

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How to Audit Your Team to Scale

It kind of goes without saying that you need a team if you want to scale your business to your next $100k, $500k, a million, and beyond. And maybe you’ve already started that journey. You have freelancers taking over the one-off projects. You have VAs that support the day-to-day. You have an OBM and/or an Ops Manager keeping an eye on your biz. You have all the support you could ask for… So why don’t you have more freedom and flexibility in your day? Why are your team expenses on the rise? And why are you still in the thick of things, pulling the strings, coming up with ideas, solutions, troubleshooting, and all the things in between? If you’re like most business owners I see, you started building a team to take the pressure off of you, but somewhere along the way, you lost sight of why you hired and whether that hire is moving closer to your scaling goals. So, how do you get back on track with your team so that you actually get the support you need to scale your business?

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Hiring a Team Won’t Help You Scale

You know you need a team to scale your business, right? You know you’ll need a VA or an OBM or a DOO, someone who is going to help you handle all of the bits and pieces of your business. Someone who will come in and save the day so you don’t have to handle all the admin, the ops, and the stuff you just plain don’t want or know how to do. And maybe you’ve started down that road… and gotten less than stellar results with VAs. Maybe you’ve upgraded to OBMs and DOOs…and found that more expertise doesn’t mean more work off your plate. Because a team is a piece of the formula… And hiring a team isn’t going to help unless you can also lead, manage, and hold your team accountable for delivering results up to your standards.

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How a VA, OBM, and DOO Can and CAN’T Help You Scale

Are you thinking about hiring a team to scale your business? Whether it’s hiring your first VA or another VA to catch the overflow and take the pressure off. Or leveling up to an OBM or DOO to handle scaling for you… This is the first step that I see so many business owners take to scale and often with mixed results. Sometimes, it works out and you get what you need to relieve some of the pressure, catch the overflow on your plate, and get organized so you can run more confidently… …But sometimes, it doesn’t quite work out that way.

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A Coach Convinced Me I Couldn’t Have the Business I Wanted

“You can’t be a coach.” I remember hearing those words loud and clear from a coach. One who wasn’t even MY COACH. I felt my cheeks flame and my stomach drop at such a bold and vehement statement from someone I’d known for less than an hour. I met this coach at a networking event and I was so excited to finally meet them because our mutual acquaintances kept mentioning our approaches were similar, our services seemed so complementary to each other, and that we needed to connect!

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Everyone Wants to be a CEO Until it’s Time to do CEO Sh*t

Did you know, I am a big fan of Bravo’s Below Deck? In a trailer for the new season, Captain Lee (my fav 🤩🤩) said, “Everyone wants to be Captain until it’s time to do Captain sh*t.” And the truth in that statement rang loud and clear. Anyone can call themselves a CEO, a Founder, or an Owner. But when it comes down to it, when it’s time to make the decisions, have hard conversations, and lead so that your business can thrive, do you act like it? It can be hard to own your role as the CEO in your business when your business is disorganized, messy, and unsteady.

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What to Do When Your Business Doesn’t Feel Like it Fit

How often do you feel like you don’t know how all the pieces of your business fit together? How often do you feel like something is “off” - your business not running quite right but you can’t put your finger on what’s not working or how to fix it? How often do you feel like you don’t know if you have the right processes, the right tech, or even the right team members because nothing seems to be gelling? If you’re nodding along here, then the key you’re missing is mastery over your ops - that understanding of how your business operates to get the results you want.

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Creating a Rock Solid Marketing System

Do you want to know exactly how to create systems to streamline your business and take you from hot mess express to scaling CEO? My 4 steps to building ANY System you want so you get great results: 1. Start with the end results. 2. Reverse Engineer those results 3. Test. 4. Refine + Retest. I get that this might make sense…and not make sense all at the same time - esp if you haven’t built any systems yet, so I want to give you a behind-the-scenes peek at how this process worked with a client.

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How to Build Systems that Get Perfect Results Every Time

If you saw my last message you know that if you’re not getting great results from your systems…it’s because you didn’t build them to great results. So that brings up the question, “Well how do I build a system to get great results?” You might be figuring out bits and pieces of your ops… You might have started mapping out a system… You might have even written a few SOPs… Heck, you might have even outsourced to a Systems VA or even OBM to document your process… You’ve done all these things but your systems still end up sitting in a Gdrive folder and your business definitely DOES NOT feel like it’s running any smoother. If this is where you’re at (or what you want to avoid), then know that the issue is not the systems themselves, but the way that you started building them.

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