How to Pick the Perfect CRM for Your Biz

You built your business online so you know how to use tech. You have the basics down and they’re working… sort of… 👀 Except for when you lose track of your work leads in your inbox. 👀 Expect when you manually onboard your client. 👀 Except for when you realize you can’t find your client docs because you accidentally deleted them during your last CleanMyMac hard drive scan…

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How Much It Costs to Hire a Great VA

I’m all about working with entrepreneurs who are ready to scale to 7-figures while working part-time hours in the next few years. Getting here means having a team… but it might feel impossible to hire anyone, right? The first year in my business, I was totally unprepared for all the “extras”

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4 Automations to Make More Money (No Funnel Needed)

Do you want to automate more in your business? People ask me about automation almost every day and if you are running your business online, it can feel like it is mandatory. Especially if you follow all the influencers, coaches, bloggers, software companies and everyone in between posting the results of their “easy” automated funnels and 4-hour work weeks.

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Irrefutable Truths About Being an Entrepreneur

I believe building a business empire is actually really easy. I believe entrepreneurs who strive for impact – those who want to do well for themselves AND do good their community – deserve to have empires. I believe that ANYONE can have a business empire – not just the exceptional or lucky few. I believe building your business empire does not need to be a hard slog or battle to get there.

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Why You Need Systems

Hi everyone, Diane here with your weekly business tip. I was chatting with a friend earlier this week, and somehow we started talking about business processes and what they actually do for your business. This was an interesting conversation because I always thought it was crystal clear why systems are imperative for the growth of your business and ultimately, your personal growth.

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