Capitalizing on Opportunities in a Changing Market

I’d like to take some time today to talk about how to deal with an overwhelming amount of possibilities and opportunities.

… especially now, as we come out of these crazy times.

You’ve seen it: there are a ton of opportunities being born now.

Then we look back in history. Some of the biggest companies and best ideas have come from times of uncertainty where markets seemed to be crashing and failing (or actually were).

A client recently told me, “I have all of these ideas that I want us to create, but I just can’t. It seems like such a heavy lift right now. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around how to get this done right.”

If you’re in the same place, where you’re feeling that you have an idea, or opportunities to offshoot different products and services and repurpose, repackage them… now is the time to do it.

Things are, slowly but surely, returning to normal. We may not be reopening yet – and my while there is still heightened concern, there is also an element of having been through this before and understanding how to find equilibrium and move forward.

So, this is the perfect time to start developing those opportunities, ideas, products, and services that you have in mind, all of which may have likely come from this period of being less distracted.

And the frustration… what do you do if you’re starting to feel frustrated that you have all of these ideas but no traction yet?

There’s so much potential, right? New projects, repackaged products, and services, mini-launches to highlight them or even pivoted version of your core business services. New bundles, digital products, and so forth.

How do you get your ideas off the ground?

One thing I continuously see: clients mentioning how difficult it is to get these projects off the ground while balancing everything else. It’s “going to take six months to get something like that to market.”

You’d be surprised… but that’s actually not the case. I have launched products and businesses and service lines for my clients all the time. I launched them for myself. I spent my entire career launching businesses and products and services that we were spinning off and repackaging into standalone businesses.

And, the one thing that people seem to not realize is that, when you’re operating at a high level and velocity… things don’t have to be perfect.

That’s an important point to take home!

It doesn’t have to be the perfect launch. It doesn’t have to be the perfect package. It does not have to be the perfect bundle of products. It doesn’t need to have the best packaging.

All of that will come later and with time.

Take action

But if you have the idea – if you have a spark right now – the best thing that you can do is push it out with immediate and imperfect action.

Ask yourself: What is the bare minimum that you can do to get it out there while still meeting the quality and your ideal customer’s needs/wants?

It doesn’t have to have the best graphics or the perfect schedule. If you’re running a coaching program, for example, push it out with imperfect action. Now is the perfect time to test the market, test pricing, test packaging, and how things bundle together.

If you’re getting caught up making a list of 20 or 100 things – which, trust me, I’ve been there – you need to step back.

And, if you have that spark of an idea, the easiest thing that you can do to get traction and put yourself in a position to launch on a larger scale is moving forward with imperfect action.

The move is simply to, again, ask yourself: What is the best version that can be put together and pushed out in the next two, three weeks.

Get it out there and start testing the market so that you can refine it for that bigger launch once the market has settled. When things are back to normal and consumers are back to spending in their usual ways.

Don’t waste this opportunity and wait for the next break to come around, because if you hold on to your ideas now and spend the next six months planning them, by the time that you’re ready for launch, you will still have to go through the iteration cycle.

You will still have to improve and make tweaks, adjustments, and chance.

So, use this time wisely by testing your ideas on the market via immediate, imperfect action.

If you’re addressing your ideal client’s concerns and challenges, then you’re good to go. Worry about finding the perfect packaging, logo, and everything else later.

Because ultimately, those things don’t matter as much as the product and service itself.

If you’re finding yourself with a ton of ideas right now and really want to capitalize on them – FAST – then feel free to reach out to me.

That is what I do every day and I’d love to help you reach your goals.

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