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What’s the best software to run your business?

I hate to say this to you and I’m sure that this is the same frustrating response that you’re running up against in your Google searches, when reviewing “best” lists and comparing features and functionality, trying to figure out what tools you should use in your business. In reality, there’s really no such thing as a best-for-everyone software.

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Must-have tech tool to run your business smoothly

Maybe you’ve cobbled together your suite of tech tools that you feel pretty good about – your CRM, your email service provider, your social media scheduler, your project management tool…But 9 times out of 10, my clients overlook one major tool in the tech suite of their virtual office. 

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How is your VA the rocket fuel to your 6+figure business?

Listen up ?, growing a business solo is challenging and it feels like you’re going all the  “right things”- like focusing on your strategy, marketing, and signing clients – but what happened in my business and what I see now in my clients’ businesses is that if you get stuck at $6, $8k, $10k months and then you have to start making sacrifices in to make more.

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Are You Wasting $$ on Tools to Work Online?

All your business friends are talking about how much they LOVE using Video ask, using Karta, using Notion, using Flodesk, using Keap, using Dubsado, Dubb, and a million other tools to support their business online…and you start to think maybe you need to use them too…

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Why Content Batching Systems Don’t Work

I hear about batching all the time online, especially around marketing and content creation. A lot of people say that it’s the best way to systemize content creation, stay focused, and be highly productive.

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Income Envy

Are you secretly a little bit jealous that your friends and competitors had the bandwidth for an end-of-the-year sales push AND new-year strategic planning… meanwhile, you’re struggling to deliver services you sold two months ago, and you don’t have the time or headspace to think strategically about how to create some breathing room in your business, let alone how you’re going to grow it?

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Will Your Business Be a Slog This Year?

Have you thought about your new goals and business initiatives? Honestly, if you haven’t put any thought into how you’re going to strategically grow and develop your business for 2021, you’re already behind!

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Why Your Team Won’t Make Your Business Easier

Are you making over six figures in your business and STILL wondering when the “freedom lifestyle” all the gurus promised you is going to arrive? As your business got busier, you did what they said – You hired a VA… You strengthened your boundaries… You hired an OBM… but you’re STILL at the edge of burnout???

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Is Your Business Coach Really Behind Your Business Failures?

I see a lot of business owners hiring coaches and ending up frustrated with their results, or business owners in coaching programs FOREVER, never getting any traction in their business. Have you ever thought: My business coach is going to solve all my business problems!

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