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Being “Ready” is a Myth

Readiness is a myth, and what actually matters is your commitment.

There’s no such thing as “ready”, especially when you’re an entrepreneur.

As the CEO, there will always be distractions, competing priorities, and decisions you avoid because the status quo feels safe.

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4 Automations to Make More Money (No Funnel Needed)

Do you want to automate more in your business?

People ask me about automation almost every day and if you are running your business online, it can feel like it is mandatory.

Especially if you follow all the influencers, coaches, bloggers, software companies and everyone in between posting the results of their “easy” automated funnels and 4-hour work weeks.

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3 Strategies to Get Your Business Out of Your Inbox

Does your business live in your email inbox?

You have all your messages (and the reminders that you email yourself) all in one place where you can search, sort, and find exactly what you need… sort of (but more on this later)…

This is super common.

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Readiness VS Commitment: When Are You Truly Ready to Scale Your Business?

When are you going to be ready to hire your first VA or the next one? When are you going to be ready to uplevel the tools that you use to run your business? When are you going to be ready to look at the foundation of your business? When are you going to be ready to standardize your processes?

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3 Reasons Why You’re Struggling to Scale Your Business

You’re ready to scale your business and you did all the right things. Or you think you did…
If you think you’ve done everything right, but that freedom-filled lifestyle is still out of reach, you’re probably getting it wrong in one or more areas.

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Why Your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Are Broken

A lot of people – clients, prospects, and contacts in my network – come to me saying:
“I’m frustrated with my VA, they aren’t doing what I want!”
“Why isn’t my team isn’t more proactive?”
“I have to pick up the slack and work keeps ending up back on my plate!”
If this sounds like your experience with your team, it’s probably not their fault.
The secret to delegating with confidence and creating a high performing team that is proactive, that gives you the results you want and can read your mind, is to tell them how to read your mind.

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How to Have a Great Experience With a Creative Contractor

You’ve hired a copywriter… and the copy doesn’t sound like you.
You’ve hired a graphic designer… and the graphics are not your style at all.
You’ve hired a web developer… and the website is not on brand.
This happens ALL.THE.TIME. If you know anything about me, you know I am all about systemizing how your team operates so you can have a great experience every time.

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Why hiring an OBM will keep you stuck…

Your business coach and every other mentor and guru have been telling you that you need an OBM so that you can free up your time and take yourself out of your business…
You think an OBM is going to solve all your problems and magically run your business and make your cash register ring without you lifting a finger.

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Why Did You Start Your Business?

Do you want time freedom?
Do you want financial freedom?
Do you want a life that is full of fun AND still be the Boss CEO?
Me? It was all of the above. I wanted it all.

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