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I Never Want to Fill my Biz to Capacity Again

I’ve been around the operations block a few times.

I spent so many years launching multi-million dollar hedge funds and running million dollar businesses, that when it came to running my own, I felt like I was invincible… until I wasn’t. 🤭

When I launched my business, I was growing at a steady pace as I honed my services and execution to turn my clients into raving fans.

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How to Pick the Perfect CRM for Your Biz

You built your business online so you know how to use tech.

You have the basics down and they’re working… sort of…

👀 Except for when you lose track of your work leads in your inbox.

👀 Expect when you manually onboard your client.

👀 Except for when you realize you can’t find your client docs because you accidentally deleted them during your last CleanMyMac hard drive scan…

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How to Avoid a “Bad” Hire

It’s a fact of business. At some point, you’re going to need to let go of someone on your team.

It’s a scary moment and I nearly threw up the first time I had to do it in my business.

I was so sure they were going to take it badly and they would freak out on me.

So I held off for as long as I could trying to make it work with them (a terrible idea btw and we’ll talk about it next time).

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How Much It Costs to Hire a Great VA

I’m all about working with entrepreneurs who are ready to scale to 7-figures while working part-time hours in the next few years.

Getting here means having a team… but it might feel impossible to hire anyone, right?

The first year in my business, I was totally unprepared for all the “extras”

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Being “Ready” is a Myth

Readiness is a myth, and what actually matters is your commitment.

There’s no such thing as “ready”, especially when you’re an entrepreneur.

As the CEO, there will always be distractions, competing priorities, and decisions you avoid because the status quo feels safe.

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4 Automations to Make More Money (No Funnel Needed)

Do you want to automate more in your business?

People ask me about automation almost every day and if you are running your business online, it can feel like it is mandatory.

Especially if you follow all the influencers, coaches, bloggers, software companies and everyone in between posting the results of their “easy” automated funnels and 4-hour work weeks.

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3 Strategies to Get Your Business Out of Your Inbox

Does your business live in your email inbox?

You have all your messages (and the reminders that you email yourself) all in one place where you can search, sort, and find exactly what you need… sort of (but more on this later)…

This is super common.

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Readiness VS Commitment: When Are You Truly Ready to Scale Your Business?

When are you going to be ready to hire your first VA or the next one? When are you going to be ready to uplevel the tools that you use to run your business? When are you going to be ready to look at the foundation of your business? When are you going to be ready to standardize your processes?

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3 Reasons Why You’re Struggling to Scale Your Business

You’re ready to scale your business and you did all the right things. Or you think you did…
If you think you’ve done everything right, but that freedom-filled lifestyle is still out of reach, you’re probably getting it wrong in one or more areas.

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The 1 System You Need to Level Up Your Business

Find out exactly what is standing in your way and the 1 system you need to focus on to uplevel your business.