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VIDEO: What is a strategy? Do you know if you have a good one?

Strategies are what guide the decisions you make as a business owner. We are 100% in charge of our businesses, and we’re often inundated with options. Infinite options for what we can do, what we can invest in, and where we focus our attention. Strategies become key because they clarify what we are trying to accomplish and are a tool for guiding our decisions.

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How to Maintain Quality in Your Business

“What systems do we need to create to maintain quality?” This is a question a prospective client asked me and that I didn’t have a clear answer for because like so many things in life, it depends. It depends on what you want to apply the quality standards to.

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How to Change Your Business Culture

I was at the Ellevate Mobilize Women conference in New York City last week, and a number of the presentations and panel discussions centered around business cultures and how you can change them to create environments where everyone can rise equally. This really got me thinking about the culture that we build into our businesses as business owners, because a lot of us are thinking about scaling, in the process of scaling, or are hiring new team members – and I’m pretty certain that company culture is not a priority.

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Is Your Biz Team the Dream Team… or a Nightmare?

Hi everyone, Diane here. Lately, I’ve been talking about shifting into a mindset where asking for help and building your support resources is an investment in your business instead of a financial loss. And as I was talking to a lead today and we were throwing around acronyms like COO, CPA, OM, OBM, VA, Tech VA, EA, etc., it took us just 10 minutes to get on the same page about what these acronyms mean and what they do.

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What do You Need To Successfully Scale a Business?

I was at a cocktail networking event last week, and as I was circulating and getting to know people, I came across a group talking about how they were scaling their operations. This was an exciting conversation – something I’m always thinking about for my clients and for myself. Who doesn’t want a business that can do more, grow more, and make more money?

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The One System You Have to Create

What’s the most important system to create?? Someone asked me this recently, and like most things, it depends… on where your business is, on what your goals are, and what the next step is for your business evolution…But if I just had to pick 1 – I would say that your sales system is the key system, because it feeds your growth and your ability to maintain your business at its current level.

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Why You Need Systems

Hi everyone, Diane here with your weekly business tip. I was chatting with a friend earlier this week, and somehow we started talking about business processes and what they actually do for your business. This was an interesting conversation because I always thought it was crystal clear why systems are imperative for the growth of your business and ultimately, your personal growth.

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Does Your Business Need Systems Because YOU Are Afraid??

Hi guys, Diane here. Earlier this week I had a chat with a contact that I met while traveling abroad, and she told me that she had the amazing opportunity of living abroad and running her businesses remotely. We connected because she was feeling concerned about leaving her businesses behind and managing them remotely.

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VIDEO: Project Frustrations & (Im)mobilization

Some of you know I’ve been mixing business with pleasure and working/traveling in South Africa for the past month. I’ve spent the last ten days on safari, and the combination of nature and the un-pluggedness have given me the headspace to clear my mind, clarify strategies, and conceptualize new opportunities.

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The 1 System You Need to Level Up Your Business

Find out exactly what is standing in your way and the 1 system you need to focus on to uplevel your business.