A Coach Convinced Me I Couldn’t Have the Business I Wanted

“You can’t be a coach.”

I remember hearing those words loud and clear from a coach.

One who wasn’t even MY COACH.

I felt my cheeks flame and my stomach drop at such a bold and vehement statement from someone I’d known for less than an hour.

I met this coach at a networking event and I was so excited to finally meet them because our mutual acquaintances kept mentioning our approaches were similar, our services seemed so complementary to each other, and that we needed to connect!

I could not wait for our acquainted chat and during the call, we clicked. I felt comfortable enough to share that while my primary focus was my Done-For-You systems and ops agency, I had deep pangs to move into teaching and coaching so that I could help more than just a couple handful of business owners a year.

Their immediate response caught me so off guard.

They told me flat out “You can’t be a coach.”

You’re not certified.”

You give out the solutions and coaches don’t do that.””

If you’re going to give your clients all the answers, don’t call yourself a coach.”

Don’t call yourself something you’re not.”

I was taken aback and I felt a little ashamed for throwing around words and ideas that I obviously didn’t know enough about.

So I buried the idea of teaching business owners how they could scale and lead their business operations with confidence. 

I told myself I’ll focus on Done-For-You work for 5 years, then I’d be able to build my skill set and support my clients as a teacher and coach.

It went on like this for over TWO YEARS. I kept pivoting my business and tried to shape it into what I wanted WITHOUT actually shaping it into what I wanted.

I put what I wanted for my business to the side for years because of semantics and what 1 person (who barely knew me or what I wanted to create) said to me.

It wasn’t until a couple months ago, as I stepped into a new mastermind with the sole desire to create the business I wanted instead of the one that I planned for… that I realized just how much of my power I gave away to that individual.

I held off on my vision because of what they said to me (and I realize now, that their reaction was more about them than me).

I kept doing work that I was great at (but wasn’t driving me towards my ultimate vision).

All of that led me to this moment – the moment that I’m more than ready to go all-in on teaching, mentoring, and consulting to help growing online business owners build and optimize their tech and operations so they can scale to multi-6 figures and beyond while working 25 hours a week or less.

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