6 Signs NOW is the Time to Build Your Ops

When is the ‘right’ time to work on your business ops?

When should you work on your ops?

Now or a year from now?

When you sign another client?

Or when you make another $25k, $50k, or more?

I hear this question all the time because it IS hard to know when is the right time.

From managing clients to creating content so you can grow, and tons of advice, strategies, and services bombarding you, you have a million things coming at you and it can be really hard to pick your focus.

I get it and I won’t leave you hanging so here are a few red flags that make it more than obvious that your ops need some love right now.

⚠️ Your revenue is plateauing ⚠️

You might have all the right pieces to grow your business – The offer. The marketing. The mindset…

BUT maybe despite all that, you can’t seem to break through to your next $25k, $50k, $100k, or more.

If you have all the outward-facing ingredients to bring in big business growth but you’re sputtering along the way, that’s a sign to look at how your business is operating internally.

I’ve worked with dozens of clients who have all the ingredients for growth, but they struggle to convert those opportunities because their systems, tech, and ops are nonexistent or out of order.

So while they have the opportunities and resources to grow their business, they can’t actually take advantage of them because they’re 1️⃣stretched thin, 2️⃣are dropping balls left and right, and 3️⃣don’t have the time to fully implement their next-level growth strategies.

For over half of my clients, this is where they spin their wheels (sometimes for years) investing in strategies to get to their next revenue milestone before they realize they don’t have the time, space, energy, or resources to actually implement the growth strategies.

When they focus on how their business is running behind the curtain, everything changes and they finally break through revenue plateaus that lasted months or even years.

⚠️ You’re Always at Max Capacity ⚠️

You might want to add 5 new clients… but you already have your hands full just trying to keep up with your current business.

If this sounds like life for you, this is a sign that it’s time to prioritize ops so that you can bring in new clients or put out a new offer without stressing about whether you can juggle it all without drowning.

One of my clients was in this position, her marketing services were taking off and it was a scramble to manage all her clients.

She hit capacity, then raised her prices hoping to balance things out… but ended up in the exact same position working more than full time for a roster of 8 clients with no room to grow, expand, or unplug long term.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know this is EXACTLY the same position I was in when I was running my DFY services. I was SO HAPPY to help her create the systems and tech that gave her breathing room to operate and set her up to build her team.

And 3 months later, she hired 2 VAs and signed client #9 without breaking a sweat!

⚠️ You’re worried your tech will break ⚠️

If you’re running an online business, tech is a required part of the game. You might not be a total tech head (like me 🤓), and you might have picked the tech that your business besties, your coach, and your competitors loved…

But have no idea HOW to really use it.

If you’re using it RIGHT.

If you can use it MORE.

Or if it’s even the right tech for YOU.

And every time you hit send, go, or enter in your tech tool, you say a little prayer, cross your fingers, and hope as hard as you can that it works the way you think it should.

If you’re managing your business through a whole mess of manual downloads, spreadsheets, and docs that feel like a burden at best and at worst fill you with anxiety that they’ll break, it’s a clear sign to take to look at the systems, tech, and ops under the hood of your business and make sure they’re working together and firing on all cylinders.

⚠️ You’re worried about delegating ⚠️

Maybe you’re doing things the other way around.

You want to hire a VA and THEN focus on ops.…but you stop yourself from hiring your VA because you don’t know how you’re going to explain your chaotic system of handwritten notes and emails to someone else, let alone delegate work and trust it will get done.

I had a client who told me multiple times before we worked together that they wanted to hire their VA before they did any ops and system work.

Totally fine, I get it…until every time we saw each other at various events and they STILL hadn’t hired anyone and STILL felt overwhelmed trying to manage all on their own.

The 3rd time they told me this, it was like déjà vu and we hopped on another discovery call.

Less than 2 months later, we built the tech to organize them, the client management system that could easily be delegated, and they hired a perfect-fit VA using my process…

And they went from solo and unsupported to delegating MORE THAN HALF of their client management and FINALLY launching their group program.

⚠️ You're not sure you can deliver on your client experience ⚠️

You do amazing work for your clients and you are such an expert in your field…but it doesn’t FEEL like it when you’re piecing together your client deliverables from emails in your sent folder and copy/pasting from past client documents.

You worry about scrubbing your documents, client names ending up in the wrong places, and whether you’re actually delivering a high-quality client experience.

Maybe you’re worried that services don’t live up to your marketing promise, and that’s a clear sign to take a look at the systems and tech you use to deliver so you can guarantee an excellent client experience.

⚠️ You’re embarrassed about your ops ⚠️

What would your clients or industry peers think if they saw how you really work?

What if they were behind the scenes of your business and saw how you organize your projects and client work?

Are you embarrassed and feel like a bit of a fraud because you’re making it up on the fly, you’re doing everything manually, and you’re working overtime to keep up with the image you’ve built?

If this sounds (painfully) familiar, then you are not alone. This is where a lot of my clients are when they come to me.

One of my clients was so embarrassed by their backend. People praised how seamless their client process was…but in reality, they were manually sending and following up with them each step of the way.

They had a ton of reminders on their calendar of every follow-up, every next step, and 99% of it was in their head, until we filled the gaps in their core tech, defined their processes, and built automations that actually made their process touchless and seamless.

Now, these are just some of the key signs that your business ops need some love and maybe one (or more) of these situations feel TOO familiar and you want the ops foundation to grow and scale easily, then I designed EFFORTLESS EXPANSION just for you.

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