4 Automations to Make More Money (No Funnel Needed)

Do you want to automate more in your business?

People ask me about automation almost every day and if you are running your business online, it can feel like it is mandatory.

Especially if you follow all the influencers, coaches, bloggers, software companies and everyone in between posting the results of their “easy” automated funnels and 4-hour work weeks.

You might want the same thing, but while you might be hyper focused on building an automated funnel and wondering why it’s not working…

You’re missing out on so many other automation opportunities that will save you (and your team) so much more time and can actually make you MORE money without the hassle of building, testing and refining a funnel.

Because in reality, funnels are just ONE type of automation and there are so many more automation opportunities in your business that will leverage your tech, free up time for you, and make you more money.

And isn’t that what you want?

So here are 4 actually easy automations to set up and save at least 5 hours of your time AND increase your revenue.

⚡ Automation Opportunity #1 - Automated sales follow up

I think you know that sales are the lifeblood of your business and even the best closers usually have a fair number of people who need a little time after a sales call to make sure they’re totally aligned with the decision (me included).

Especially if you sell high-tickets.

So following up to close the sale is truly a low hanging fruit, but one that you can easily forget until you’re at the end of month, feeling desperate to hit your revenue goal and combing through your emails trying to remember who you made offers to (sound familiar???)

Create consistency in your sales by automating the follow up process. It can be emails, texts or reminders to send personalized DMs, or a combo of all of the above.

Create an automated sequence of 3 – 5 follow ups to close the loop on your sales and you’ll see results.

One of my clients closed on an extra $12,500/month just by creating a series of 3 automated email follow ups (WITHOUT building a funnel).

⚡ Automation Opportunity #2 - Automated payment plans

Closing the sale (and doing a happy dance) is great, until you have to deal with payment plans, recurring invoices, and late payments.

I’ve seen clients burn 10+ hours each month trying to make sure all clients were invoiced, payments were received or follow-up was sent on the payments that were outstanding.

You can save this time and build consistency in your cashflow by automating your payment process. This does start with a decision on your payment policy (specifically, when/where you expect payments to be made). Use your payment policy as the guideline to automate your payments and any reminders in your invoicing or payment software.

You and your team will breathe a sigh of relief when you don’t have to manually pull together your invoices or review recurring payments and you can just wait for the cash to roll in.

⚡ Automation Opportunity #3 - Automated internal client set up

If you work with clients, getting yourself (and your team) ready to start working with them is probably an overlooked part of your onboarding process.

You might be creating their client files and lists on the fly, or you might be making copies of old templates (and hoping that you remembered to remove all references to the client you first created the template for). This leads to wasted time, worry and stress about the client experience.

You can save yourself time and create certainty by automating not just the client facing side of onboarding, but the internal set up as well. Creating automations for setting up the client folders, portals, and template documents so that you’re ready to step in and start working will save you so much time and worry.

One of my clients cut 10 hours just by standardizing their client materials and integrating them into an onboarding Zap. They saved almost $1,000/month on customer service hours and had more confidence that the templates were clean and ready for their service delivery work.

⚡ Automation Opportunity #4 - Automated offboarding + referral processes

What happens when you finish working with a client?

Once we finish our work, my clients are usually operating SO much smoother than before that they’re on to their next big project, launch and idea. It’s so easy for them to forget about looking back and completing offboarding steps like referrals and testimonials that are important for my future marketing.

In my business, we automate the offboarding process, including our referral program and requests for testimonials. We make it so easy for clients to refer us, that they do regularly and consistently. Including last week, when we offboarded 2 clients and immediately received a 5-figure referral.

These are all simple automations that aren’t as “sexy” as a funnel, but they help me and my clients work less and make multiple 6-figures every year.

🤔 Because isn’t that what you actually want when you’re chasing automations?

So try them out.

These are low lift and tech accessible automations – that don’t require the heavy lift of building a funnel.

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