3 Ways Systems + Tech Will Help You Make Your Next 100k

How EXACTLY do your system and tech help you grow your business?

And how exactly do you use them to make your next $100k?

You might be wondering as you think about your next investment to grow your business.

Your systems and tech might even be lower on your list because investing in strategies, coaches, and programs that help you market or sell better just make more sense.

You can SEE them working like when you create a piece of content and gain a new follower or have someone book a discovery call.

Since you can’t see the exact results that your systems and tech are producing at any given time, it can feel like they don’t actually help you grow your business.

Or do they? 👀👀

Because your systems and tech aren’t in your face, there are 3 distinct ways that my clients have used their systems and tech to grow their business and make their next $100k.

#1 More capacity for clients

This one’s the most obvious – when you have the systems and tech in place to make you more efficient, you create more capacity to bring in new clients.

You might have been a hot mess trying to do it all on your own, but when you put your systems and tech in place, you might find that what used to take you 2 hours now takes you 20 mins.

Or you might take back all the time lost to the “ether” while you’re hunting through your sent folder for template language you can use in the next client email and wasting time looking for all the client materials you need to actually do your work.

You might be surprised by how much time you’re losing in the disorganization of your business. One of my clients completed a time tracking study as part of our work and was shocked by how much time (hours) they were spending just trying to FIND the things they needed to do their client work.

Once we locked into their project management software, reorganized their cloud storage, and created templates for their 6 key client reports, they created their deliverables in HALF the time and had the space to take on new clients without feeling stressed or anxious.

#2 Raise your prices

Have you ever worried about whether your service is “worth it”?

Whether it provides enough value to make it worth the current price tag, let alone a price tag that might be 2x, 3x, or 5x what it is now?

You might question your current pricing even more and doubt you can 5x your price when you forget to send your (manual) onboarding email or dropped the ball on a client deliverable.

But when you have the systems and the tech to back up your work, it’s easy to raise your prices and charge high tickets when you have a bulletproof process to make sure your clients get the best possible results and that you deliver, on time, every single time.

I doubted my pricing in the past. It didn’t feel as valuable or like I could charge more than $40/hr when I sent clients proposals in an email and was winging my process for completing an on-site systems audit.

When I locked in my on-site service process, I knew exactly how I was going to get results for my clients and it was a no-brainer to nearly 5x my rates and stand behind them.

#3 Pitch bigger clients

If you’re worried that you can’t deliver NOW, will you be able to deliver for a bigger client?

Will you be able to deliver on a bigger contract?

If you’re flying by the seat of your pants and don’t have the system and tech in place to guarantee the client experience and the work that you do, would you be all-in on pitching a corporation with your services?

Would you be comfortable pitching an influencer in your space?

Maybe…maybe not.

This exact lack of systems and tech held back another past client from pitching bigger business. They did such amazing work in their marketing firm, but didn’t feel like their systems or tech showed how valuable and amazing their insights were.

They felt like their tech was barely basic and their proposals and reports were casual and would raise eyebrows in the tech industry.

But once we overhauled their client management and delivery processes and they installed some new tech pieces, they 3xed their prices, pitched bigger businesses, and signed over $50k in contracts.

In each of these examples, confidence is the key.

Confidence in how you get results.

Confidence in your client experience.

Confidence that you can deliver.

And your systems and your tech can create that confidence for you.

They’re the background player that the other growth tactics that you’ve invested in depend on.

They make implementing your growth tactics possible and ACCELERATE their results.

Do you have that confidence in your business? Do you have the systems and tech to back it up and make it easy?

If you don’t have them yet, now’s your chance to build the tech and systems foundation to easily and confidently grow your business.

Find out how to do that here.

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