3 Things to Do Right Now to Ensure Your Business Thrives

Today, let’s talk about what you should be doing right now to solidify your business during this time of uncertainty.

There are a few things that you should be focused on right now, especially because the market is moving at such a slow pace right now.

Now is the perfect time to reevaluate your offers. This is the first thing I’ve done with a lot of my clients. I ask: how do we best proceed through this point? We can’t just stop all operations. We have to find a way to move forward.

So we’ve been reviewing all offers, products, and services. Why? Either to repackage them so that we can pivot effectively or to look at what isn’t working.

As in, if the service or product isn’t something you want to do – or isn’t something the client wants – cut it. Now’s the perfect time to take things down, rework them in necessary, and re-release down the road if you’d like.

All in all, now’s been a very thoughtful time for many business owners. But, what I’m noticing is many aren’t pivoting, adjusting, and taking everything into account while pushing it out. This has been a very thoughtful time for a lot of business owners.

Considering your options

Other things to pay attention to: is the segment you’re attacking still viable? Is it the product or service you’re offering still a good investment with its returns?

There’s no better time than now to review all of those things.

Then, considering all of these things, are you going to pivot? Are you going to improve current offers, or are you going to move away from it altogether?

I’ve been taking advantage of this time and you should, too. We all have a little bit of extra downtime and headspace, which means there’s time for cleaning up products, services, and offerings. All the things you can’t do when services are ongoing.

The second thing I’m seeing is that this is a perfect time to work on building infrastructure.

Use this time effectively

Businesses are going to continue. So, at some point, everyone should sit down and ask: did I use this time effectively? … Or, did I just hunker down and let things fall to the wayside?

Effective use of your time would include figuring out key checklists, or how to improve client experience, or how to include a level of automatization within your business. Especially now that you don’t necessarily have to take everything offline to reconfigure.

Or, what SOP could you take the time to create right now? What new tools could you implement?

Rework your infrastructure – as I’ve mentioned, it’s the perfect time to explore your business and ensure your business’s growth for the future.

Often, when businesses are running normally, we don’t have the time, bandwidth, or clarity to slow down and fix things. Are there areas you want to explore slowly, pieces you think might fit better, an idea of a different direction you want to go in?

That is the second big shift you could make during this time.

Third, make sure that you’re taking care of yourself and your team members (if you have any). There’s a lot of anxiety at this time, so shifting everything around can be daunting and making sure you have time for all of that but also yourself can be difficult – especially when all the work is now getting done at home.

What you need now, then, is to recreate and reestablish your buffer time. Sure, time is being gobbled up with at-home family activities – playing with the kids, doing dishes, cleaning around the house, delayed home projects, etc.

Because of all of these things, and you being effectively trapped at home, you probably don’t have the buffer time to just go on a walk and strategically think without interruptions. Where you can be yourself, surf the news and plot out your next moves.

You need to make sure you block out some time on the calendar for yourself and adhere to it. Furthermore, other times where you can address your team, let them know what’s going on. And, keep the communication lines open with them in general.

Those are some of the areas you could focus on today.

So, to recap: what are the things that you can be doing today to ensure your survival as a leader, and of your business moving into the future?

In short, look at your offers and review all of them, then your infrastructure, and then your SOPs – does anything need to be axed, reconfigured, or adjusted? Last, make sure you’re taking time for yourself as a business owner. Clear time for strategizing so that you take care of yourself, while also caring for your team and your communication with them.

If you are just getting started online, if you are finally pivoting your business online, or if you have new ideas for businesses that you want launch, reach out to me!

I can help you and am always happy to chat and share resources with my fellow business owners. You’ll find my calendar link below. Drop me a comment.

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