3 Questions to Make All the Right Scaling Decisions

I know you’re trying to make the best decisions for your business.

But how often do you feel like you’re NOT sure if you are making the right decision in your business?

That you’re building systems to scale…but have no idea if you’re building the right systems in the right way…

That you’re trying to get organized and get the right tech in place…but you’re not sure if you picked the right tools or set them up in the right way…

And you definitely need a VA…you think… you’re pretty sure…or maybe you need an OBM…

The uncertainty and doubt when it comes to running your business can be so frustrating and keep you on edge.

I get it.

Because there are so many resources out there – books, podcasts, youtube videos, coaches, courses, the list goes on and on – and each one has their own approach about what will help you scale your business.

You may have tried some of them already and gotten mixed results.

Because here’s the thing.

NO ONE has the exact same business as you.

NO ONE has the exact same goals as you.

NO ONE operates the exact same way as you, so making a copy of someone else’s system, tech, automation, and team structure almost never works seamlessly.

BUt this is NOT an SMH, hopeless moment, because you know what you want from your business (whether you consciously admit it or not) and that knowing is the only thing you need to make all the right decisions to scale your business.

Is it blowing your mind to know that you have all the knowledge you need to make all the right decisions to scale your business?

Maybe you don’t feel like you know or you don’t believe me (yet), so here are 3 questions I ask every single client when we’re building their systems to scale to make sure that we’re building the right systems.

#1 How do you WANT to scale?

Most of the time, when we think about scaling, we’re thinking about what we need to do so we can scale.

But scaling starts with you and what you want for your business.

Do you want to work 25 hours a week or less?

Do you want to scale 1 offer, 2 offers, or move into products or courses?

Do you want to delegate marketing, sales, or some other parts of your business?

The way I want to scale is different from how you want to scale and different from how your business bestie wants to scale.

Even if we used the exact same tools and team, the way we would use those tools and team members to get what we want would be different.

So start your scaling decisions with what you want so it can guide the decisions around what kind of systems, what kind of tech, what kind of automations, and what kind of team you need to get there.

There is nothing worse than investing a lot of time, money, energy, and resources into a system, tech tool, or team member that isn’t taking you a step closer to your goals.

I’ve seen it so many times when clients come to me after spending thousands of dollars on tech setup and team members only to wonder why they never used the tech or why they were still doing all the work when they’d hired a team.

Most of the time it’s because the tech they had set up didn’t support the way they wanted it to work.

And the team they hired was not the team they needed to save time or increase their capacity.

You are the most important part of your business and like Stephen Covey said, start with the end in mind.

Start with the end that you want and build every part of your business around that.

That’s how you actually build the business of your dreams.

#2 What experience do you want your clients to have?

You can agree or disagree with me, but I approach business with the belief that your clients are the 2nd most important part of your business (after you).

We covered you in question 1, now think about your clients and what kind of experience you want them to have when they’re working with you.

Do you want to go all-in on your tech or keep it high-touch?

Do you want to be super structured or flexible based on their needs?

Do you want to do it for them or do you want them to be responsible for some part of their results?

The experience you want your clients to have when they’re working with you is specific to you and your business.

No one is going to create the exact same experience that you want to create for your clients because the experience you create is directly tied to how your client gets results from working with you.

And only you know what kind of experience they need to have to get the results from your work.

I’ve fallen into this trap myself. I’ve built offers, services, and programs based on what my coach, my peers, and the people I looked up to were including in their programs…and it never worked.

I overworked and delivered work that didn’t add value or enhance the experience for my client. I delivered services I didn’t love and didn’t actually want to do because I was so focused on what other successful people were doing.

I wasted an embarrassing amount of my own time, money, and energy creating processes, investing in tech, and delivering work that didn’t add anything to the experience for my clients – and in some instance – distracted from it.

#3 What kind of people do you want to support you?

It’s a fact.

If you want to scale your business, you’re going to need a team or at least one other person in your business so that all the responsibility of your business doesn’t just fall on your shoulders all of the time.

If you’re reading this, chances are you DON’T want to do it all on your own, all the time.

If you’re following me, chances are you want to do less in your business.

In order to do that, you need to have a team.

There’s no way around it.

And the people you bring into your business to work with you are just that: people.

So what kind of people do you want?

Do you want them to be task-focused or mission-driven?

Do you want them to know a little about everything or be an expert at 1 thing?

Do you want them to have a set schedule or do you want them to just show up when you need them?

You might have already caught onto the theme here, but how you work with a team is different from literally everyone else around you.

I’ve had clients who have hired the same resources that their coaches use and had not-so-great experiences.

I’ve had clients who have wasted thousands of dollars trying to “make it work” with a VA because other people loved working with them…when they weren’t the right fit from the start.

So like everything we’ve talked about so far, when you’re making decisions about scaling your business, we can’t forget the people element because you will need them if you don’t want to be the only person holding the business together all the time.

When I’m making scaling decisions for myself and with my clients, we come back to 3 questions every.single.time.

When you know the answer to how you want to scale, what experience you want for your clients, and what kind of team you want, it’s easy to make decisions about how the systems need to be built to get you what you want, what you want for your clients, and what you want for your team.

You have certainty in your decisions because you’ll have parameters and requirements for what a system, tech, and your team need so you can get what you want.

And only you know what you want for your business.

If you’ve been struggling with indecision, going back and forth about whether you’re doing it “right”, go back to what you actually want as you scale.

Create your parameters and make your scaling decisions with those requirements in mind. You might find that making decisions is easier than its ever been.

That’s what happens to clients.

They make decisions with confidence.

They have certainty that they’re taking all the right steps to get them closer to their scaling goals because they know what they want, and in turn, need from their business.

If you need more help creating certainty that you’re making all the right moves and focused on all the right steps to scale your specific business…then I’m here to help you get there.

Learn more and how to work with me here.

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